6 go to resources when researching on your placement abroad

6 go to resources when researching on your placement abroad

Travelling abroad for a placement is a both fun and stressful affair but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t know about you, but am that kind of person that really does research before purchasing a product or a service just to know what am getting into before hand.

Travelling abroad for a hospital internship is not something that you wake up one day, book a flight and voila! You are at the hospital working! No! It doesn’t work like that. It needs proper planning and thorough research. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. For instance, where will you be living during your stay abroad, who will help you find your way round the new location and most importantly country? How safe is your destination? These are just but a few questions that one asks before undertaking the venture.

If you are planning to undertake a hospital internship the following resources will come in handy during your research process.

  1. Past Students

You can get a glimpse of what it is like to undertake hospital internship abroad feels like. And what better way than talking to students who have undertaken the program? Having been involved in the planning process, travelled and worked with the healthcare professions in a different hospital setting, they are the best resource you can use to work on your budget, settle on your destination and even decide whether travelling abroad is worth it in the first place.

  1. School Advisors

Your school advisor should be your go to person all the time since they have a broad knowledge on placements abroad and what can be best for you. They can also come in handy in referring you to some of the past students/ students in your school who have undertaken the program.

  1. Online Placement Program Directories

There are a number of platforms that have database on opportunities for internships, volunteering and study abroad. From this database you are able to choose what will meet your set objectives and even read reviews and ratings given to the provider. These platforms also provide great information on how you can plan for your study abroad, how to budget and even what to pack for your trip. Here are a few directories that you can get started with; America Medical Students Association International Health Opportunities Directory (AMSA IHO), Go Overseas, Go Abroad, The Electives Network and Study Abroad

  1. Placement Organizers

You can go a step further and contact a placement provider/ organizer. You will find their details on the online travel abroad listings. You can contact them to request for more information on what their program entails and their fees. With a sample of three providers you can be able to comfortably settle for one that will meet your set objectives.

  1. Country’s Embassy

You don’t travel just for the sake of it. One of the considerations is to ensure that you are going to safe and secure location. You can get this information on the relevant embassy sites for an update on what is going on in your country of interest. With this information you can then decide on whether or not to proceed with getting your flight tickets to a particular destination during a certain duration.

All the best in your planning. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions on your planning for hospital internship abroad.

by Elective Africa

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