5 Highlights of Mombasa Healthcare Placement

5 Highlights of Mombasa Healthcare Placement

Standing at Fort Jesus, I couldn’t help but enjoy the breeze and the soothing sound emanating from the waves hitting the fort. Built between 1593 – 1596 by the Portuguese, the Fort not only served its military fortification purpose but also a great reminder of the history of these amazing and friendly people at Coastal Kenya. This is just one the amazing places you get to visit while in Mombasa Kenya. But why are Mombasa placements very popular?

  • Mombasa is home to the Coast Provincial General Hospital which is the second largest referral hospital in Kenya.

The hospital serves a population of around 3 million people and has an inpatient bed capacity of 700, with a variety of departments to rotate in namely; Obstetrics & Gynecology, Accidents & Emergency, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics & Child Health and dental department as the major departments. There are also minor departments which you can rotate in which are; ENT, oncology, pathology and palliative care. You will be exposed to the treatment of tropical diseases and learn how healthcare professionals work despite the limited resources. This also great opportunity to witness the role culture plays in the delivery of healthcare in Kenya.   

  • Variety of activities to undertake off the hospital rotation hours

Outside hospital, you can choose to volunteer at orphanages and community schools.  You will be involved in volunteer activities by providing reproductive health talks and donating sanitary towels, Donating foodstuff to school feeding programs or Children’s home. This may include cooking for the kids during the visit, organizing Hygienic Clinics. The list can never be exhausted but once you have interacted with the institutions you will be able to identify the most urgent need that needs your intervention.

  • Diverse Cultures

Diverse cultural groups like the Mijikenda and Swahili whose culture is very rich inhabit Mombasa. Mijikenda consisting of 9 sub-tribes have really interesting traditions including the ‘Kayas’ (shrine for prayer where sacrifices and other religious rituals were done.) These ‘kayas’ were located deep in the forest which is currently under government’s protection and open to visitors. Their culture is very rich in history and tradition reflecting the true nature of the African spirit, seen that is evident through their lively and vigorous dancing coupled with rhythmic, dramatic drumming. They are also known for their delicious cuisine, ‘Pilau’ being one of them.

  • Numerous Excursion Sites

This is your time to let go of yourself and learn as much as you can about your destination. Mombasa has a very great history behind its existence. With a mixture of African, Persian, Arab, Portuguese and British influences, the city has a budding of civilization reflected in the magnificent architecture of their grand houses, monuments, and mosques. The impressive Fort Jesus is one of the sites that you would want to visit. And as your guide will let you know, the military fort was used for several purposes by the different rulers who took over it. Traces of slave trade can still be seen from the cells where the slaves were held at Fort Jesus and various artifacts from that era.

Apart from the historical sites, you can opt to visit haler park where you will get to see a number of animals as well as snake park, mamba village – known for its crocodiles or Watamu Marine Park where you get to swim with the fish and other marine life.

  • Tropical Climate and Beaches

In Mombasa, you will live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink in the wild air.

With a distinctive and hot climate, Mombasa climate is less of your worries. The coastal region, where Mombasa is located records highs of 88°F and lows of 80°F.

It’s mostly warm through the year and you can hence enjoy the evening walks at the beach and go snorkeling. It’s luxurious beaches and hotels are famous for their 24-hour entertainment, which includes; family entertainments (Water parks, cinemas, bowling), sports (water sport, mountain biking and go-karting), culinary offers (Restaurants offering a wide range of culinary from Kenya and other countries) and nightlife (bars, pubs, clubs, discotheques).  

We believe that the clinical sites namely Coast General Hospital (CPGH), Port Reitz District Hospital for Psychiatry placements and Bomu Hospital (private hospital) among other coastal programs offer diversity in medical volunteering, clinical rotation projects and opportunities that will make a good foundation in training as well as offering hands-on clinical experience under mentorship and supervision to healthcare students.

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