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A Transformative Placement Experience

Medical Internships Abroad

As a healthcare or a pre-health student, participating in an overseas elective or pre health shadowing Internship allows you to experience a unique health system different from what you are accustomed to. You will learn how culture influences the delivery of health services as well as how the healthcare personnel use limited resources to deliver health services.

Through our partnerships with hospitals that provide a variety of specialties distributed across various departments,we guarantee a transformative experience and a broad scope of learning. We customize the placement to conform to your interests and specifications giving you quality hands on experience and clinical exposure. 

The pre health shadowing internships are open to undergraduate and high school students with interest in healthcare career. The internships are well structured to allow you understand the demand and rewards of your interest healthcare career. With us you get to shadow healthcare professionals in their work environment through hospital volunteering, observation learning and guided mentorship.

Previous participants testify to: 1) Improved clinical skills and cultural competence though clinical shadowing; 2) Intensive and extensive hands-on exposure to various healthcare specialties; 3) Challenged critical thinking ability; learning to be innovative and resourceful; 4) Witnessing unique conditions that they have only read in books such as tropical diseases and 5) Interacting with trainees and physicians educated in different systems, exposing them to different perspectives on the practice of medicine.


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Book your spot today by paying a reservation deposit of $350. This is a one-off fee that allows us to plan for your mentorship, prepare for accommodation, and create your MyElective account and facilitating pre-departure support.


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Mombasa, Kenya

Malindi, Kenya

Migori, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Kisumu, Kenya

Arusha, Tanzania

Moshi, Tanzania

In the words of our participants
An Incredible Learning Experience

My four weeks at Mt.Meru Regional Hospital OBS&GYN Department have been an incredible learning experience.The doctors and staff have been welcoming and willing to teach.The department is extremely busy and there lots of opportunities for hands on including deliveries. Where Elective Africa really shines is with their program Coordinators. Our Coordinator in Arusha has been outstanding. He has gone above and beyond to make our experience here unforgettable. I would recommend EA to any Senior Medical Student looking to do an elective abroad.

Elyssa Metas
University of Arizona
A Once in a Lifetime Journey

After spending 3.5 weeks with Elective Africa’s program, I am certain that medicine is the path for my future. Volunteering in the Health Centre as a pre-medical student allowed me many clinical opportunities that I would not be able to have in the States. The comparisons that I was able to make between medicine and healthcare versus the United States will serve me well in my future studies, practice, and medical experiences. Thank you so much, Elective Africa, for this once-in-a-lifetime journey! Asante sana!

Morgan Amigo
Miami University (Ohio)
A Life-changing and Enriching Experience

My experience in Mombasa, Kenya has been life changing and enriching. The people are the friendliest and I've made life long friends. Elective Africa is a true professional organisation with well established and respected contacts at Coast Provincial General Hospital. They take care of us so we can focus on the medical,cultural and social experience while living, playing and working in Kenya. I wish I could have stayed longer but I will bring back with me invaluable life lessons, skills and memories !

Kelly Patel
SUNY Upstate Medical University

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