Arusha, Tanzania

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Beautifully tucked below Mt. Meru on the eastern edge of the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley, stands Arusha. A rich agricultural town surrounded by large vegetable and flower farms, Arusha enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. Take a tour of the city’s central point in Africa at Clock Tower, or enjoy the coffee farms and a day excursion to beautiful Meru waterfall. Arusha is an important regional and government headquarters and hosts the East African Community Secretariat and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights. It is served by Kilimanjaro International Airport making it the gateway to the Northern Tanzania tourism circuit: the Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Hospital Experience

Mt Meru Regional Hospital, with 450 beds is the main referral & teaching hospital in Northern Tanzania, receives 500 patients in different departments per day, providing plenty of scope for learning about different specialties and healthcare professional roles.

Ngarenaro Health Center is almost exclusive on women health & reproductive health. Serving an average of 100 patients per day, working alongside Levolosi Health Center an opportunity for an extensive hand on experience in maternal health issues.

Kaloleni Health Center, is an outpatient facility for those interested in tropical medicine and infectious diseases.


  • Partnered with diverse healthcare facilities, opportunity for split placement
  • Safari capital of Tanzania and day excursions to Meru waterfalls
  • Sits snugly on the foothills of Mount Meru

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In the words of our participants
The Arusha Medical Experience

The Elective Africa program in Arusha is a unique and wonderful opportunity for Medical Students.The hospital and Staff are great and provide instruction for students of all years .Additionally, the city of Arusha is a great area to live in and embrace the culture of Tanzania.

Chad Schuety
The University of Iowa
An Incredible Learning Experience

My four weeks at Mt.Meru Regional Hospital OBS&GYN Department have been an incredible learning experience.The doctors and staff have been welcoming and willing to teach.The department is extremely busy and there lots of opportunities for hands on including deliveries. Where Elective Africa really shines is with their program Coordinators. Our Coordinator in Arusha has been outstanding. He has gone above and beyond to make our experience here unforgettable. I would recommend EA to any Senior Medical Student looking to do an elective abroad.

Elyssa Metas
University of Arizona
Fun and Adventure in Arusha

I was also able to go on Safari and climb Kilimanjaro which Elective Africa organized...The medical experience is fantastic, you won't struggle to find activities to do, the people are very friendly and welcoming and everything runs smoothly thanks to Elective Africa. I would recommend this program to you!

Rebecca Brown
University of Manchester
An Experience; Differenciated and Holistic

I was stationed at Levolosi Health Center…The clinical experience was something else, much different than the world of medicine I was used to before this. Elective Africa offered great accommodations that topped all of the other programs around the area... The excursions were also something that Elective Africa made easy. I climbed Kilimanjaro while I was here, and I went on the 3-day Safari.

Dylan Bergeon
Michigan State University
I had a Good Experience in Mt. Meru Regional Hospital

The overall program has been a good experience which I am happy to have done. The program outside the hospital has been very good with Swahili lessons, Safari and experiencing the town of Arusha.

 The food, accommodation and transportation have all been good. It has been an experience of a lifetime that I am happy to have had.

Eirik Leren
Medical University of Bialystok
A Rewarding Experience

The stay in Arusha has been very rewarding and I have experienced so much. The accommodation and food was way above expected and everyone has been very helpful to us. We were met at the airport on time and everything ran smoothly on our way to where we were supposed to stay. During the time we were in Arusha we have been on a Safari, visited the orphanage, swam at the hot springs, been to Maasai market and visited the snake park. Our driver has been fantastic. We just had to say the time and place and he would drive us.

The hospital is so different from what I am used to back in Norway. The equipment here are very limited and the patient rooms are so small. 

All in all I have had an experience of a life that I will never forget .I have heard an amazing time here in Arusha

Bjørnar Kristoffersen
Medical University of Bialystok
Heart wrenching , Exciting and Deeply Emotional

As my second time volunteering with Elective Africa in an African Hospital,I thought I knew what to expect.My experience again was heart wrenching , exciting and deeply emotional as I helped the staff at Mt Meru regional Hospital. The locals are incredibly brave strong and never give up when faced with extreme challenges you would never know about. With the little resources in the hospital the staff work tirelessly for hours to do their best to help. From the fearless mothers in the labor ward to the families waiting patiently in the emergency department it had been a priceless experience that will further shape my career as a paramedic. I am again grateful for this opportunity, the sad times and the many happy adventures that went with it. Elective Africa, thank-you, the staff are all amazing. Until next time I come back 

Robyn Carter
Queensland Ambulance Services
Migori Rural Nursing Elective

My experience with Elective Africa was beyond what I could ever have imagined. My nerves before arrival subsided the minute I was greeted at the airport by an EA staff. I had so much hands on experience in the rural hospital of Migori,Kenya and got an opportunity to to do things I would never have the chance to do in Australia. This is by far one of the best things I have done fro my Nursing career and would recommend this to any health professional willing to take the next step. I was always made to feel safe at home here in Kenya. David was such an amazing Coordinator and Daisy made all the nice food for me.. Its truly a life changing experience!

Alexandria Dawe
St.George Hospital
Kenya Pre-medical Elective: A Rural Approach

The staff of EA were so helpful in providing all of the necessary information for the trip, and went above and beyond my expectations when answering my questions. As our departure date neared, I became more confident and comfortable which wouldn't have been possible without their support. Our arrival was smooth and timely... On an educational level, I couldn't have asked for a better experience…The rural setting gave us the opportunity to connect and feel comfortable with the members of the community and of our surroundings…We got to volunteer locally and focus on community outreach-something that is very important to me. We also did fun activities on the weekends, like taking small trips to Lake Victoria and Homa Bay.

Kenya Pre-medical Elective: A Rural Approach
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Migori Experience

My time here in Migori,Kenya with Elective Africa program has been the greatest experience of my life.I have been on the fence for quite sometime about whether or not I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine but wasn't sure where I would get the inspiration that I needed…David was such a great Program Coordinator. Our experience wouldn't have been near what it was without his expertise and connections.I always felt very safe,comfortable and entertained.Thanks for exposing us too to the community health aspect.

Renee K. Bartlett
Memorial University
Migori Premedical Elective

I could not have anticipated the amount of love and acceptance we received from the hospital staff, in addition to the exceptional assistance of the EA staff. If you're like I was and you're not 100% sure about attending medical school, this experience will be great for you…This program allows you to observe things you would never see as a premed in North America. In addition to the hospital work, we had the opportunity to visit a girls secondary school and an orphanage, both of which were amazing experiences; and that is just a glimpse of what we did in our 4 weeks…This program is well organized; the people are exceptional and I am looking forward to the next opportunity I will have to participate in an EA program.

Meghan Quinlan
Memorial University of Newfoundland
A Trip worth the spend

Elective Africa allowed me to make a real difference in Arusha. I was able to shadow in many different areas and do many things I never could have done back home. Volunteering in Tanzania was rewarding in many ways. This experience has changed me in more ways than one and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I highly suggest volunteering abroad and doing so with Elective Africa.

Marlee Rowe
Missouri State University
Great Shadowing Experience

This opportunity was given to me by a partnership between my university (Princeton University) and Elective Africa. I worked in Levolosi Health Center, a public clinic in Arusha, mainly in the minor theater, where I assisted and later oversaw other performing minor procedures such as cleaning/dressing wounds, sutures, and circumcisions. The doctor in charge of the theater, Dr. Jonas, was very informative and kind, and instructed us in basic skills such as changing dressings and wrapping wounds at first, and later more complicated tasks such as assisting directly in circumcisions. Since I had an 8 week internship, for the first few weeks I was mainly involved in observing the doctor, but later felt more comfortable to assist the doctor directly, such as handing tools needed during circumcisions and stopping any bleeding areas. Later the other interns and I organized a fundraiser from friends and family to raise money, which was then used to by supplies that the hospital constantly lacked, such as gloves, gauze, and surgical tools.


The accommodations are quite nice, and the staff does a good job to make sure everyone is well taken care of and has all they need. For example, despite having electricity and water problems, our local coordinator would be ready to answer our phone calls and come to the residence to fix the issue.

Josh Wang
Princeton University
More Than I expected

My experience with Elective Africa was more that I would have ever expected. Even if I was only able to participate for 2 weeks. I had the time to work in 2 departments general surgery and obstetrics + gynecology where I met wonderful people to assist me in my learning. I would participate in ward rounds, clinic duties and had exposure to the theater. More importantly, I had the chance to understand the challenges that health professional face in offering health services. Talking of outside the hospital, many activities were organised, including Swahili lessons, visit of snake park. The program was flexible to organize a 3 day trek to Mt. meru which I highly recommend.

As I was traveling alone security was my main priorities and EA was very good at making sure I feel safe and would accompany me to all my activities which allowed me to do as much as I wanted. It was truely a pleasure to get to know Tanzanians and especially the team that was taking care of me during my placement and it was a very unique relationship that we developed.  I had a special experience in Arusha and I definitely plan on coming back 

Claudèle Brault
McGill University
My Two Weeks Unforgettable Experience

My experience in Mt. Meru Hospital, Tanzania for 2 weeks was very short but a substantial one. Many of the cases I encountered at the hospital were ones that I would never see in my country and they were shocking and heartbreaking. The doctors were working very hard to help these patients and it was very stimulating to see them. The coordinator cared very much that I felt comfortable in the hospital and was able to have some hands-on experience. If I stayed longer, I think I could have been able to have more hands-on experience. It takes a few days to get used to the ward, so after that, you would be able to do many things. There were elective students from other countries so it was nice talking with them about the medical conditions in Tanzania and discussing what we can do.

The stay, in general, was very comfortable as well; it was more comfortable than I expected. The organization prepared me a nice house with a wonderful ‘Mama’, and I was able to experience the everyday life in Arusha. The coordinator took me to many places on the weekends, so I was able to have great experiences there as well. The coordinator was very caring and made sure I was feeling comfortable every day, so I was able to feel very safe during my stay.

I’m sure to say that my two weeks here are unforgettable and I would take back my experience and make good use of it, so I can come back again next time, hopefully as a doctor.


Shio Yamano
University of Tsukuba

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