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In the words of our participants

"Once again, thanks so much for all you do. I had a wonderful, enriching experience and look forward to folding what I learned into my courses."

Jennifer Bess

Our first week at the hospital is completed. It has been a week I will definently remember for the rest of my life, both in good and bad ways. Just after this first week, we ve learned so much that it feels like we ve been here much longer.

Natalie & Ingvild

Overall the experience I've had in Mombasa and with the other students has been memorable. I have made some great new friends and will hopefully be able to visit them when we all return back to the states.

Drew Hulse

Today was surgery today and was very hectic. 4 women went into labor- 3 of which needed emergency C-sections. As Port Reitz Hospital only has one operating room, the third and fourth scheduled surgeries had to be pushed back to tomorrow so they had room to do the C-sections. Scott and I went into the second surgery- a thyroidectomy (removal of a goiter on the thyroid gland) only to be called out of it about an hour and a half in to "assist with an emergency". The one baby that was born normal was a still born and they were attempting to resuscitate it. The room was very hectic with one member of the team doing chest compressions while the others were hooking up oxygen to pump into the baby. After stabilizing the equipment- the doctors and nurses returned to the maternity ward to help the other 3 women in labor while scott and I continued care on the baby that was not breathing (it did have a pulse at this point). After an hour of giving the baby breathing assistance- it finally started to breathe on its own! Two hours after the baby initially arrived on our table, it was sent back to the maternity ward where it would continue to receive care. The baby's life will be very hard as the lack of an initial heart beat and lack of oxygen will result in cerebral palsy as a best case scenario. Scott and I concluded that we think the baby also had hydrocephalitis (water in the brain) which causes the head to be very large. The baby will have a very hard life- but it is alive!

Drew Hulse

Excellent program

Nasser Olwero
Wonderful experience
I loved this experience. I would love to come again.
Nasser Olwero
Doing a medical elective in Kenya was an eye opening experience. I got to see the third world health system and range of tropical diseases not normally prevelant in Australia. It was a really hands on experience. I got to learn and perform skills like administering injections, catheters and suturing patients. I was also able to take part in the examining, differentials, diagnosing and formulating treatment plans. The highlight for me would have to be the amazing new friends I have made and the motivation I have taken back home. I would recommend this program to anyone considering it.
Cassanne Eccleston
My Placement Custom-made

Elective Africa is a highly educative program for all medical students. If you have special interests in fields like Obsterics/gyn, general surgery and tropical medicine this is a very good program. The experience I had in Mombasa has been memorable and I highly recommend Elective Africa to everyone who are considering applying.

Ida W. Bjorntvedt
"I got everything I wanted out of an elective in Africa; plenty of experience examining patients, lots of opportunities to master practical skills and the chance to be involved in the management of complex diseases not seen in the UK. I gained an understanding of the frustrations of working in an understaffed and under-resourced environment helping me to develop my clinical intuition and appreciation of our system in the UK. The programme gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the way of the developing world in a safe and supported manner. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a challenging but inspiring elective experience."
Michelle Carey
"Elective Africa's an experience i will never forget. The medicine, the people you meet, the place, the Masai Mara, are just some of the things that would make me go back their in a heart beat. I was able to gain clinical experience that i would never have had the chance as a student in Australia. I got to perform LPs, minor procedures, see diseases that you will only ever read about in textbooks. Overall I can't wait till I get a chance to go back."
Sarah Sattar
Monash University
"I loved the whole program, logistically great. having other students here was great. Having a music school ( piano) and a pool and beach close by was great. Great food The best part of the whole thing was hanging out with Silvanos."
Vinith Menezes
University of Western Australia
"A fantastic experience which improved my confidence in many medical skills. Thank you all for all your help and great memories."
Emmanuel Costuna
University of Melbourne
"I had a good time and i learned a lot overall, so thank you for all your help"
Seth Gould (Premed)
University of Wisconsin
"Good program. Will recommend it to others"
Nicolai Brekke (Premed)
Eikeli vgs
"It was very well organised and the organizers were very accommodating."
Andrew Chong (Snr. Medical Program)
University of Melbourne
"Overall the program was a fantastic experience. I gained an immense amount of invaluable skills."
Dani Sordello (Nursing)
Monash Nursing
"All the Elective Africa staff were so welcoming and supportive throughout the entire month. Made our stay much more enjoyable. Dollas cooked amazing food and adequate amounts so we were never hungry. Had a great time that i will never forget, have learned so much and cannot wait to tell others people about the program."
Kathryn Jolley (Nursing Program)
Monash Nursing
"Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, i really enjoyed my stay, and wish i had time to stay longer. In future i hope i have an opportunity to come to kenya. I will recommend the program to other students. Thank you again for everything."
Paige Skelton (Premed Program)
University of Wisconsin
" Living at the compound was like riding a unicorn down a street of rainbows whilst listening to the laughter of children in magical land of wonder. - spending just a short amount of time in minor theater at the hospital is an Australian medical student's version of procedure power leveling my new stat sheet is a great deal more impressive. i got experience in procedures i would have to be a 2nd year out Dr. to perform and now i can re-roll INT checks and do not provide attacks of opportunity. EA was an absolute fantastic experience. I would not have hoped for any more from my elective."
Alexander Davis (Medical Program)
University of Melbourne
We had an amazing month in Mombasa, Kenya. Experiencing a new culture and acquiring a lot of knowledge along the way. Thanks to Elective Africa for a job well done! All of the staff have been very helpful and friendly and made the stay unforgettable. If you are a person with a lot of initiative we highly recommend you to attend the program!
Kjetil, Rita, Nini, Lars, Sondre
Jagiellonian University
I came to Africa with the intensions of participating as both a student and volunteer. The fluidity of Elective Africa’s planning and relationships with cooperating hospitals allowed me accomplish everything I could have ever asked for out of my time spent in Africa. Truly an amazing opportunity that has far surpassed any local shadow experience I’ve had in the U.S. Not only did I have the chance to observe knowledgeable physicians but I also got to engage in active contribution of those in need. Another wonder aspect of this program was learning to communicate a sense of understanding and empathy to patients with a culture and language barrier. Elective Africa has provided me with a unique opportunity for me to grow that I would strongly recommend to everyone pursuing a career in healthcare.
Chad Cain (Premed)
Pacific Lutheran University
I came to the EA program in hopes of getting more hands-on time in an operating room. I actually got an experience that was a million times better than just OR time. We first assisted in many c-sections and got incredible teaching in the Millenium Theare from some amazing obstetricians. We split our time between OB and ER/Minor Theatre. There were many days when we were the medical staff in the minor theatre - performing minor surgeries and suturing wounds under our own direction. The autonomy was an incredible learning experience that just isn't as prevalent in the US anymore - due to all the hand-holding during training. We learned how to make the most of the resources provided and how to work in less than pristine and perfect conditions. I can say for a fact that this adventure has forever changed me and my future practice as a (future) Family Physician. Every speciality in the Coast Provincial General Hospital opened their wards to us - in hopes of teaching and sharing medical practices between the US and Kenya. We learned from everyone and were treated as equals. Everyone was encouraging and appreciative of us. Aside from medicine, Kenya was amazing. We were welcomed by Phares and the staff at the Mombasa Compound with welcome arms. It was an instant home filled with family. We took awesome trips to the Masai Mara Game Reserve and to Malinidi. We learned a ton in the hospital and then had just as much fun exploring Kenya. One of the experiences that has changed my life, was a trip to the orphanage at St. Patience's school. Bringing smiles to the little children's faces brought a feeling of personal reward that is indescribable. I hope to return to CPGH in Mombasa as a resident, and later when I'm in my own practice. THANK YOU!
Bryanne Robson
Drexel University College of Medicine
I think you hit a bullseye there flleas!
Grounding, Humbling, Heartfelt

The health care system itself is very different than what I was accustomed to, but it was a huge learning opportunity to experience a third-world health care system. I was fortunate enough to work with a great surgeon for my four weeks here. Yes, I learned applicable medical and surgical knowledge. Was that the highlight of my trip? No…The hospital experience in Arusha was grounding, eye-opening, humbling and heart-felt. Not only do you see diagnoses that you won’t see in America, but you realize how much our future profession can be of service worldwide and how many people really need it. I think this experience is a great one, especially for anyone planning a future in the medical field.

Laura Teisch
University of Miami
Awesome Experience
I just got home from Egypt last night. I had a great time there, but still couldn't help but miss Mombasa and everyone there. Thank you so much for everything! I absolutely loved my time with Elective Africa and can't say enough great things about everyone there! I miss you all and will have to make a return trip to Kenya whenever I get the chance.
Carolina C Pereira
Florida State University
A Very Unique Dentistry Experience
Elective Africa provided me a very unique experience of dentistry. The dentists at the hospital were more than happy to assist you and teach you new things. In my first week I was able to do an injection and extraction! Of course back home you would never be able to experience that until you were a dental student. The help at the house was really great too. I wouldn’t worry about the food. It is actually better than what you could find back home. Of course there is time to travel and sight see, which I did most days and had many unforgettable experiences.
Wesley Burcham
Indiana State University
My Experience as a Pre-med student

Elective Africa’s program was exactly what I was looking for! I am a pre-med student from the United States and I wanted the opportunity to get a unique experience. At Coast General Provincial Hospital my  expectations were exceeded! I was given the chance to learn about diseases and procedures . I also got the chance to learn and shadow on how to deliver a baby and watch up close on surgeries such as a full leg amputation. We were allowed to explore our areas of interest and we were also allowed to explore as many different specialties as we wanted. This was important to me because it helped me decide what specialties I might want to go into when I become a physician assistant. Many of the doctors were really friendly and would take the time to explain diseases, injuries and procedures to us if we asked. Since many of the problems encountered in Kenya are more severe than what we are used to seeing at home, it was highly beneficial to learn about the more extreme cases. Outside of the hospital, Elective Africa provides its residents with the best possible experiences they can. With activities including but not limited to shopping in Nyali and Mombasa, visiting local orphanages, going to the beaches, Haller Park, a weekend trip to Malindi and the Masai Mara safari, there was always something to keep us busy. The people I met and the things I did in Kenya made the experience absolutely unforgettable! I became very close with the people I lived with and the staff at Elective Africa. I would recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat and I know for a fact I will be going back in the future for it has almost become a second home to me.

Britanny Leann
Colorado State University
I have greatly enjoyed my stay in Mombasa and the entire Elective Africa staff has done an excellent job at organizing everything and taking care of transportation as well as extracurricular outings for us. The accommodations here are very comfortable and the food is great. I have especially enjoyed my time working at Coast Provincial General Hospital. I know I have gained a lot of hands-on experience working here that I may not get back in the U.S. I have been privileged to work with some great doctors, nurses, and fellow students at the hospital. I have not only learned a lot of hands-on skills applicable to my future career in the health care field, but I have also gained an appreciation for how people here overcome limitations of supply shortages and less than pristine conditions in the hospital through creativity and ingenuity. I have witnessed quite a bit of flaws in the health care system here; however, this has left me with a better understanding of public hospitals in third world countries and a greater appreciation for the facilities we have back home in the U.S. I have learned a lot during my short visit to Kenya not only medically, but also culturally. I have been privileged to meet some extraordinary people here and would like to thank the Elective Africa staff for facilitating this great experience. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone with initiative seeking hands-on experience.
Lisa McDivitt
Our Lady of the Lake College
Jambo Kenya
I went to Mombasa this summer as a pre-med and don’t have enough amazing things to say about my trip! I’ve been home in the U.S. for a little over two months now and haven’t gone a day without thinking about my trip to Kenya. Working in the hospitals was great preparation for medical school, which allowed me to get a realistic perspective on what being a doctor will actually be like. During my time at Coast General hospital, I was able to scrub in on surgeries, deliver a baby, clean and bandage wounds, I learned how to suture, and so many other things that are not even imaginable for a pre-med student in a developed country. The elective Africa staff is an amazing group of people that went above and beyond for me while I was there, and words cannot describe how much love and appreciation I have for them. I may be biased, considering I love everything about Kenya and cannot wait to return one day, but living in Nyali at our volunteer residence felt like home away from home. Being greeted by Benson each day, coming home to Dollas making a homemade Kenyan dinner, playing soccer with Ijah and Franklin the security guards who are there every night, Silvanas, Phares, and Bernard. I miss them all so much, and know my trip would not have been as amazing without them there. I can’t recommend Elective Africa enough, and the Mombasa location in particular. I loved every second being there and can’t wait to go back in the future!
University of Arizona
A Differentiated Healthcare Experience

This was a great experience and I would repeat it. I wish that I had more time to spend here. I was at Mt. Meru Hospital, Arusha Tanzania for three weeks in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit and learnt a lot from the medical staff that I worked with. The hospital conditions are a bit different from what I am used to but the staff did the best that they could with what they had.

Damilola Olupona
Nova Southeastern University
This program helped me get acquainted with the medical world before I even stepped into medical school; I got to do things that wouldn't be possible in America. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and I felt at home. It was very hard to say goodbye to everyone when I left, even after only weeks; I will miss everyone and EA very much!
Sara Ernster
Luther College
OB/GYN rotation at Mt Meru hospital
I spent 4 weeks in Arusha at Mount Meru hospital in the OB/GYN department as a part of my OB/GYN rotation. I've learnt a lot, both about myself and medicine and Tanzania. Maybe not as much about OB/GYN in general though. It's been a very different way of working and living to what I'm used to - and that's what I was looking for. It certainly wasn't easy at all times, and I've seen things in the hospital that I really hope I'll never see again. I've not been given the opportunity to learn as much in the hospital as I had hoped, it was pretty crowded with people and we often felt that the doctors and nurses weren't so interested in teaching us. We did meet some really nice people that made all the difference though. I'd definitely recommend EA Arusha for an elective - but not as a rotation in OB/GYN which is the way we did it.
Mikaela Winderud
Uppsala University
My Experience; Eye Opening and Formative

Elective Africa provided us with an excellent placement opportunity for Midwifery students with previous experience conducting vaginal deliveries. The nurse-Midwives were supportive and we were able to have a lot of hands-on opportunity. Experiencing the culture of birth in Tanzania was eye-opening and formative, especially coming from a place where labor is feared and epidural rates are very high. I will go home with a new sense of admiration of the strength of women, more confidence with my abilities as a soon-to-be Midwife and with a better understanding of birth in East Africa context. An overall excellent experience with a great mix of clinical learning, traveling and adventure.

Caitlin MacLennanPenman
McMaster University
I did not know what to expect coming here.I was very pleasantly surprised by how helpful and knowledgeable every one was(Phabian,Vyonne and Hospital Staff). Immediately,I felt very welcome and at home.The residence was clean,had plenty of great food,electricity(most of the time),and hot water.The hospital staff was welcoming as well.They were great about telling what was going on with patients because most of communication was in swahili. I was also able to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro and go on a safari while here.Both were incredible experiences and I recommend them both.
Richard Herold
University of North Dakota Schoo
My overall experience was truly amazing. I would recommend this program to anyone who interested in traveling abroad especially those individuals and students in health care. In the hospital you are allowed to do much more than that we are allowed in the states; we are allotted a good deal of autonomy and freedom to get hands on experience in almost every aspect and especially in the hospital. The hospital staff are very welcoming, enthusiastic about teaching and introducing you to those diseases and conditions we usually only read about. Elective Africa does a good job of making you feel comfortable during your stay .We are picked up from the airport as well as provided rides to and from the hospital every day. The housing far exceeded my expectations; cleaned every day, linens changed weekly, cable and hot water. The food was great; dinner was prepared fresh every night. The residence is in close proximity to a shopping complex with several restaurants, a movie theatre, grocery store, clothing stores, ATMs and free Wifi. Finally, if you have the chance you must take advantage of the opportunity to go on safari, travel into town, and if time permits (it didn’t for me) visit Zanzibar. Working with Elective Africa was probably one of best decisions I have made and one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.
Chioma Okekpe
Univ. of Pikeville-KY
I had a great time with Elective Africa at Mt.Meru Hospital in Arusha,Tanzania.I worked on the OB/GYN ward for four weeks.I was able to deliver many babies,repair lacerations,participate in surgery and cesarean sections.I learned a lot bout working with limited resources.I also learned about the methods of treatment for common deseases in Tanzania-HIV,TB and Malaria.My only regreat is not not staying longer!
Corrie Miller
Midwestern University
Mt. Meru Hospital (May 2013)
I chose to do my elective in Tanzania with Elective Africa due to the vastly different opportunities I thought it would give me in comparison to the UK. Over my four week period I got to experience a completely different healthcare system in a hands on manner. I was made to feel part of the team by both the Junior and Senior members of staff at the hospital. I was able to learn and practice skills and techniques not normally offered to medical students. I also had a fantastic experience outside of the hospital. Although a surprise to me at first the nightlife in and around Arusha was great. There are a number of bars, clubs and restaurants that cater to a wide variety of tastes. In my four weeks in Arusha I was also able to visit national parks, waterfalls, orphanages and volunteer at a local school. After my four week elective I went to Zanzibar and also had a fantastic experience. Overall my time with Elective Africa was very positive and I would advise anyone considering Arusha and Mt. Meru Hospital to go for it! Kieran
Kieran Crowley
St. George's Medical School
My elective Africa experience was completely different from other testimonials I had read before coming to Kenya. But I wouldn't change any detail of my trip. I feel so fortunate to have been able to fully experience the good and bad of Kenya's Health Care system. I was asked by so many Doctors to return to Kenya in a few years and share my knowledge of how to improve their health care system. Over my 4 weeks at Port Reitz Hospital I had the opportunity to see many new lives come into this world, as well as experience the loss of several patients. Losing so many patients during these past 4 weeks really showed me their shortage of medical equipment and lack of patient preventative care. No matter how hard these Doctors and interns worked to spread the word to the community about taking preventative measures, it was a battle that will take many years before the benefit is seen. I am forever thankful to those throughout my four weeks that took the time to share with me their stories and teach me more about their culture. This country is by far the most inviting and friendly country I've been to and even the children have taught me a great deal about enjoying your days, greeting everyone you meet with a hello and a friendly smile and always being willing to learn from your experiences.
Raven Skinner
Kansas State University
Elective Africa has given me the opportunity to do a lot of hands on practicals that I otherwise would've had to wait another 3years or so before I would've done. It also gave me more motivation to do the course. Although I have done my 1st year on medical school. Sometimes I do find myself doubting my abilities to complete the course or the fact that I may not be 'built' for doctor life but after doing 4weeks here its made me believe in myself a lot more and its definitely given me more confidence too. Apart the medical side of the program we managed to fit in a lot of community service necessarily visits to schools for underprivileged children and we even got to teach in one. It felt good to be able to give back to the community and also to meet the kids. Accommodation wise, it was extremely comfortable and to say that we were well fed would be an under statement. We were also very well looked after by all EA members of staff. All in all it has been a fantastic 4weeks filled with valuable and eye opening experiences and would highly recommended it to anyone who is thinking of going into a medical career.
Claire Fung
University of Liverpool
Elective Africa provides an invaluable experience to medical students seeking to work on their skills. I have been able to do many procedures that I wouldn't have been able to do at home. The staff are all friendly and make it easier to transition to a new environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4weeks here including all of the community service. I recommend the program to those interested in the medical field. I have seen the real Kenya from its beautiful beaches, the Masai Mara to the communities that need help the most.
Sundes Shah
University of Liverpool
I had such an amazing time here! I learned a lot at the hospital, I met some great people and I feel like I got a true Kenyan experience. I definitely want to come back!
University of Texas at Austin
Tanzania has been life - changing for me.The people here are so incredibly warm and welcoming.Since day one, I have been ushered in with open arms.The nurses and doctors of the labor and delivery ward have taken me under their wings and made sure was exposed to everything and given ample opportunity to practice procedures and learn the medicine behind labor and delivery. The medicine gave me independence to work on my own when they trusted the work I was doing.Apprenticeships like this does not exist.Leaving here is so incredibly sad because every thing about the Tanzanian way of life is so much more people- centered.The value of conversations and sharing experiences like eating and spending time is so much significant here and I feel like I have learnt to be a better human just after 5 short weeks .If any thing, I wish I would have come for much longer than 5 weeks. Thank you Elective Africa thank you Tanzania.
Yancey Warren
I have spent 4weeks in Mombasa Kenya, I am a 2nd year Student Midwife studying in the UK and decided to come on the Elective Africa as part of my University module along with a friend on maternity wing. We have had the opportunity to work on Antenatal, Labour Ward, Postnatal, Gynae wards + Theater, NBU and have even been to intensive care, we had the choice to spend time where we felt would be appropriate so decided to split our time over the different wards. All the staff couldn't have been more helpful and were eager to help with our learning experience. It is up to you how involved you get clinically but the staff will support you either way we kept an online blog of our hospital experiences which we found helpful to reflect on what had happened each day. The hospital care was very different to that provided in the UK however it is so interesting to experience another culture approach to healthcare. On top of the hospital we spent a lot of time working with children from a local school and had a fantastic time teaching their lessons, playing sports and dancing, we even got carryout swimming lessons for them each week - it is such a rewarding experience and I would love to organize fundraising events when I am back in the UK. Our Safari was AMAZING and was one of the highlights of the trip for me. The whole program was so well organized and the staff are super friendly and couldn't do enough to help make our trip a good one. I would highly recommend that you come on an Elective Africa program and see for yourself how good it is. Thank you Elective Africa!
Laura Ettridge
Oxford Brookes University
I've just done 5weeks here in Mombasa with Elective Africa and it's been a fantastic experience. The staff involved with the program have been very helpful and friendly. I did the Senior Medical program at Coast Provincial General Hospital. During this, I rotated around the hospital spending most time in Minor Theater practicing practical skills and on the medical wards , doing ward rounds and ward work. I had some good learning experiences but the main take away message is the differences between the UK and Kenya. I'd recommend this program to anyone, plus you get to meet some great people and friends!
Nathan Gregory
Lancaster University
Migori Premedical Elective

I could not have anticipated the amount of love and acceptance we received from the hospital staff, in addition to the exceptional assistance of the EA staff. If you're like I was and you're not 100% sure about attending medical school, this experience will be great for you…This program allows you to observe things you would never see as a premed in North America. In addition to the hospital work, we had the opportunity to visit a girls secondary school and an orphanage, both of which were amazing experiences; and that is just a glimpse of what we did in our 4 weeks…This program is well organized; the people are exceptional and I am looking forward to the next opportunity I will have to participate in an EA program.

Meghan Quinlan
Memorial University of Newfoundland
A Gratifying Experience

I completed the past four weeks at Mt Meru Regional Hospital as my final elective in community medicine. I came into the program with an open mind and the willingness to learn and the program itself exceeded my expectations. I was able to get what I wanted to from the experience at the hospital as well and went through various wards. I know I would have never gotten this experience at home and can go home knowing that this will carry on with me through my career as well.

Anna Conetta and Steven Haakenson
Towson/CCBC Essex
The Mombasa Pre- dental Experience
At first I was a bit nervous, traveling to Africa for the first time and going by myself, knowing no one else in the program. However, when I arrived I immediately felt at home. The staff was extremely helpful, friends and the students on the program were all great people, who you felt you knew so well by the end of the program. Working at the hospital I got to experience many things I could not back home and was allowed to be a lot more hands-on. In the afternoons, teaching the Kids at the School, Playing games wit them and teaching them to swim was so rewarding and fun. On the weekends, heading to the beach or going on Safari allowed me to experience the beauty of Africa and gave a vacation aspect to the program to go along with the educational experience of the hospital. Overall the experience was amazing and my only regret was that I didn't stay longer.
Donal Berquist Jr
University of Michigan
My Tanzania Experience
My title, the lyrics of a popular Tanzanian song I heard many times during my 4 weeks at Arusha, in Mt. Meru Regional Hospital says it all. Tanzania is a completely different world than the United States, Europe, or any other place I've been and working in such an environment stretches you as mentally as a student/future healthcare provider and emotionally as a human being. The interns in surgery took me in, pushed me to learn, and encouraged me to participate in procedures in the ward and the operating theatre. You see things and get to do things that would never happen in the developed world and it changes you. Experiencing that and having the support from my supervising interns made Tanzania something I'll always remember and return to do. It's nice to nice to know ya, let's do it again. For sure.
Patrick Hussey
University of Iowa
Great thngkiin! That really breaks the mold!
The Arusha Medical Experience
Elective Africa was a great program that helped me get to know the medical system in Africa.They were responsive to my needs both inside and outside of the hospital.Plus,the Safari was awesome!
Kirstern Goetz
The University of Iowa
Hello ! I went to Mt.Meru Hospital to stay at Gynecology and Obstetrics.The Hospital was really not that good.We had to work hard to find Doctors to follow and in order to learn anything we had to ask about everything.Staff rarely spoke to us if we did'nt first,of course there were exceptions,and once we spoke to the staff they were friendly. Aside from the hospital everything has been great! especially our coordinator PHABIAN has done an incredible job at assisting us with everything.The house was comfortable and the food and cleaning was great. Overrall it's been a really good experience,I did'nt go here because I thougth I would learn a lot of Medicine but because I was hoping to see something different.And I was not dissappointed !
Ida Aberg
I went to Arusha,Tanzania with Elective Africa for 4 weeks of my Gynecology/Obstetrics placement.Before going I knew it would be harder to gain knowledge due to cultural differences and a language I don't speak(swahili) but still considered it worth trying in order to see something new.All practical things before and during the stay have worked out really well,much thanks to our great coordinator.The apartment was nice,clearn and secure,and twice a day we were served good food. Life at the hospital was as expected.Much was very different and many times confusing compared to home,while in other aspects it's quite much the same.In order to learn you have to take much initiatives and ask for translation,search for doctors/rounds to follow etc.That could have been better.Over all I'm satisfied with my stay here and glad I went.
Linnea Qvamstrom
Elective Africa was an amazing starting point for my elective at Coast General Hospital and my travel in Kenya. The accommodation was excellent and gave me a chance to meet some great people-both locals and other students. Doing an Elective at a public hospital in Africa gives you an insight into difficulties of resource poor medicine as well as exposure to a huge range of infectious diseases that are rarely seen in first world hospitals.Mombasa is a great City and an amazing place from which to explore the Coast and national parks. Highly recommended! It is an experience that I'll never forget and one that Elective Africa made all the more fun and accessible.
Prudence Vivarini
University of Melbourne
Volunteering in Mombasa at Coast Provincial General Hospital has been an incredible experience I will remember this always. I have learnt so much about myself while being here and I can't wait to graduate at the end of the year and become a Paramedic. I hope I helped people even if I was just a voice for the patients who were not receiving the care they deserved. My advice for future students-You cant change Africa but even the small things like being kind and sympathetic to patients helps and goes a long way. I have become more confident in my skills, history taking and examinations and I am really grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Coast Provincial General Hospital, you have been frustrating, exciting and painfully interesting. A huge eye opener. Thank you.
University of Queensland
Emmanuel Achuku

I had always wanted to travel to Africa for my elective and the program in Mombasa well exceeded all of my expectations. The Elective Africa staff welcomed me with open arms and have been supportive throughout and the accommodation and meals have been excellent. As part of the program I was fortunate to visit and help out at the local schools, it was rewarding and eye opening to spend time with these underprivileged children. At the hospital I saw many illnesses that I would rarely or never see see back home and was impressed at how healthcare was delivered despite such limited resources. Another highlight was going on Safari and meeting the Masai people a must do for anyone traveling to Kenya. Overall it has been an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Benjamin Shepherd
University of Otago
My experience as a pre-dental student was amazing.In the hospital,I was able to witness a variety of procedures and have a hands-on opportunity to participate and learn new skills.The doctors were very welcoming and friendly-always willing to answer my questions.I appreciated that they would try to take me out of my comfort zone in order to get the most of the experience,but at the same time they were understanding and sensitive in the fact that everything was new to me and I had not had any previous experience. The food prepared for me was amazing-I certainly did not go hungry.The accomodations were very clearn and spacious.
Hayley Walsh
Memorial University of Newfoundland
My experience with Elective Africa was overwhelmingly positive.The residence that we lived in exceeded my expectations and everything from the hospital to the safari was very well organised. Our Coordinator was always available at a moment's notice to take care of any issues we may have and was always willing to take us into the city or set up any important trips that we wanted to go on. Overall,I thought that Elective Africa did a good job taking an experience that I thought would be filled with logistical issues and uncertainity and making it very smooth and easy to deal with.
Anthony Nguyen
University of Portland
An experience I will never forget!
I have just arrived back from my trip to Tanzania where I worked at Mt. Meru Regional Hospital, in the Casualty department. Before I arrived in Tanzania I had no idea what to expect and I felt very anxious as the time grew nearer. I need not have been so anxious because my time in Africa was fantastic. The staff who organise Elective Africa were fantastic, we had drivers to take us to our placements and show us around Tanzania and our drivers and course leader made us feel like one of the family. If we needed anything they went above and beyond to help us. This included trips to work, or the orphanages we loved to visit and any trips we were interested in. The leader, Phabian, even took us to change money and would count it each time to make sure we were safe and were not going to be short changed; it was like having a big brother around. Phabian also gave us some Swahili to learn so we could communicate with our patients. We had a welcome meal and as it was two of the girls birthdays on the elective, all the staff came together and made a big effort providing us with a roof top BBQ which was amazing, we were also invited into their life's with invites to watch basketball games and go around the markets and on scenic walks. Elective Africa is an all round amazing experience. We were pleasantly surprised with the accommodation which was clean and spacious and the accommodation is guarded day and night which made us feel safe at all times. Now for the hospital. :) Mt. Meru will really, really open your eyes if you have never worked in an African hospital. The things you see in this hospital are extremely shocking and you will be emotionally challenged every hour of every day. The amazing thing about Mt. Meru though, is that once you have proved to the doctors and nurses your hard working and keen to learn, you will gain experience, insight and skills that will never leave you through your career. The doctor I worked with in Mt. Meru was amazing (Dr. Philemon) and really tested my knowledge and skills. Mt. Meru is in desperate need of medical supplies so we took stacks which were not only needed but greatly appreciated. We always took medical kits to work as the lack of supplies really shocked us. I would recommend to anyone who would like to contribute medical supplies to buy them over there too, Tanzanian shillings go a long way. I would also recommend always taking a big bag of sweets to work some of the children who visit Mt. Meru have nothing at all. We had the most amazing experience on this trip from start to finish. I will never forget the memories of my time in Tanzania and all the amazing people I met there. If I get the chance to go again I will be there in a heartbeat :) I have never cried so many tears of sadness, joy and laughter all in one go. Thank you to everyone at Elective Africa for this amazing experience.
Joy Wilson
University of Cumbria
Elective Africa in Mombasa was a great experience. I was well prepared for the trip before leaving home and was made very comfortable once in Kenya. I got to do a lot of work in the Hospital that helped me apply my Medical training on another level. All the Doctors and staff at the Hospital were very patient and supportive. The trip was a great investment both for Medical and Cultural Education.
Haley Combs
A&M School College of Medicine
Overall this experience was very educational, eye-opening and fun!
Derek Taylor
University of Wisconsin- Green Bay
Our testmonial
We just finished our 5 weeks with Elective Africa. Of those, 4 weeks were in Obs & Gynae at Mt Meru, Arusha, where we were able to muck in with everything from deliveries, patient assessments and restocking supplies, to impromptu swahili lessons. The staff took their time to make sure we were not out of our depth but also stood back and guided us later on in our placement. You will see amazing things and witness the resourcefulness of a hospital with limited funding and equipment. Our time in Arusha was a really fun month, the town is easy to get around, walking or taxi and there is plenty of variety. The safari tourism trade means you are never far from some basic home comforts. Our coordinator, Phabian, and taxi driver, Richard were brilliant at answering our questions, helping us organize day trips and taking us to spots in town. The house was delightful with Neema, the house keeper, making us two cooked meals a day and looking after us. It also has good wifi and a guard at night. We finished with a 6 day trip up Kilimanjaro's Marangu route (you stay in huts rather than camping), which we organized with Elective Africa. Phabian let us change our dates once we'd arrived to fit better with our flights and arranged meeting our guide beforehand. Provided great peace of mind. Climbing was fantastic, a slightly hard way to finish up our time in Arusha but would recommend it to anyone! The scenery is beautiful and summiting the Roof of Africa makes for an amazing sunrise. All in all, we would highly recommend this company and the Arusha program. We felt so welcome, safe and had a lot of fun and feel we are going back with an experience that would have been hard pushed to get at home.
Beth & Emily
Cardiff University
My Four Weeks
Working in Tanzania was a great experience.I am finishing up medical school and will start residency in IM/Peds.Mt.Meru has a good learning opportunities in both fields,and excellent Physicians who guide you in the hospital. EA is great! They take care of anything you can think of and make sure you are comfortable .The people are great (Phabian,Richard,Neema,Meshack) and very welcoming.
Jared Willard
Chicago College of Medicine
Elective Africa gives students an invaluable opportunity to experience a culture very different from any other. I have yearned to visit Africa all my life and having a company with the resources and skill to organize the logistics is the only way it became possible. The medical experience gives students a real challenge and I believe is a pivotal part of becoming a health professional. Here with my peers, I faced issues that made me analyze and ultimately reaffirm my career path. I believe that the differentiating factor between EA and other companies is their commitment to comfort and most of all safety. Personalized easy to work with staff ensure that the students get the experience they expected. Thank you for keeping my partner and I safe throughout this wonderful experience. I am over the moon that I finally got to live Africa.
Kelli Tichy
Colorado State University
From the moment I landed in Mombasa we were greeted by our Director and soon to be friend. I immediately felt at ease.We had flown to Kenya the day after the Garissa attack, an event which made me worried to be near. It was Phares and Benson who made me feel at home in Kenya. Overall a great country full of great people battling many challenges which may sink a weaker nation. Corruption from public officials, violence from a neighbouring country and the complete poverty of the lower class makes life difficult for the Kenyan people. A lesson I learned at Makadara (CPGH) was the ability to improvise, use the unbelievably small amount of supplies and still find a way to help the patient. This skill resonates throughout the entire country and you can physically see it in every hardworking Kenyan. Elective Africa gave me the opportunity to experience this perspective. I am very grateful for all of those in the program who took the time to make this possible. Special thanks to those that were here everyday to see us through; Phares, Benson, Raphael(our amazing cook), Esther,Steve & Patrick (our TukTuk drivers), everyone at the hospital where there are too many to name, Rama (our driver who was never late), Kadii (our swahili teacher) and all of those working behind the scenes at EA. It is not farewell from Kenya, Kwaheri Kenya, asante sana.
Colin Smith
Colorado State University
A Once in a Lifetime Journey

After spending 3.5 weeks with Elective Africa’s program, I am certain that medicine is the path for my future. Volunteering in the Health Centre as a pre-medical student allowed me many clinical opportunities that I would not be able to have in the States. The comparisons that I was able to make between medicine and healthcare versus the United States will serve me well in my future studies, practice, and medical experiences. Thank you so much, Elective Africa, for this once-in-a-lifetime journey! Asante sana!

Morgan Amigo
Miami University (Ohio)
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ta1989I\'m currently a Psychology and Social Behavior major but I don\'t plan on bcomeing a psychologist/psychiatrist or getting a phD in the subject. I would rather go into the business or corporate world, preferably something that has a little math. I understand that I will have to go to grad school after I graduated with a Bachelors in psych. I have also been debating whether I should switch to a Business Economics major. What are some careers that I can pursue? Thank you for your advice!
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MeghanI am dead ended at my job and looking to start a new caeerr. I have a Associates (Liberal Arts), Bachelors in with a minor in Marketing, an MBA, and an HR Certification. What do I to be able to at the level? While I\'m at it, can you confirm that to teach at a college level, I will need a PhD?
My Astunding Experience with Elective Africa

Elective Africa has been a great opportunity to learn about another health system, advance my clinical skills and immerse myself in local culture. The program is well-organised,safe and established. I would highly recommend participation to anyone, especially those with some medical knowledge!

Alisa Anderson
SUNY Upstate Medical University
A Life-changing and Enriching Experience

My experience in Mombasa, Kenya has been life changing and enriching. The people are the friendliest and I've made life long friends. Elective Africa is a true professional organisation with well established and respected contacts at Coast Provincial General Hospital. They take care of us so we can focus on the medical,cultural and social experience while living, playing and working in Kenya. I wish I could have stayed longer but I will bring back with me invaluable life lessons, skills and memories !

Kelly Patel
SUNY Upstate Medical University
I Would Recommend it to other Students
Throughout my four weeks spent at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa doing my elective with Elective Africa, I have had a productive and fulfilling time both academically and socially. The clinical rotations at the hospital were well negotiated as the program went on allowing a personalized program which catered to my learning goals. Being able to see how medicine is practiced in a setting different from my home country was a worthwhile experience. The opportunity to practice hands-on medicine under supervision and guidance was a highlight of the program for me. The accommodation was spacious, food was freshly cooked on a daily basis and all utilities were present. Having contacts at Elective Africa was very helpful as it allowed quick help and advice to be at hand when needed. The program includes a whole range of social activities that participants may choose to do including a safari, scuba diving, visiting schools & orphanages and visiting archaeological sites. Having never travelled out of Australia before, I did not know what to expect, however I found the program to be a great experience. I would recommend it to students considering an elective placement abroad. Sean Westbury.
Sean Westbury
University Of New South Wales
Amazing and Unforgettable

The health care system itself is very different than what I was accustomed to, but it was a huge learning opportunity to experience a third-world health care system. I was fortunate enough to work with a great surgeon for my four weeks here as a Pre Dental. Yes, I learned applicable medical and surgical knowledge. Was that the highlight of my trip? No…The hospital experience in Mombasa was grounding, eye-opening, humbling and heart-felt. Not only do you see diagnoses that you won’t see in America, but you realize how much our future profession can be of service worldwide and how many people really need it. I think this experience is a great one, especially for anyone planning a future in the medical field.

Aaron Bowyer
University of British columbia
A Once in a Lifetime Journey

After spending 3.5 weeks with Elective Africa’s program, I am certain that medicine is the path for my future. Volunteering in the Health Centre as a pre-medical student allowed me many clinical opportunities that I would not be able to have in the States. The comparisons that I was able to make between medicine and healthcare versus the United States will serve me well in my future studies, practice, and medical experiences. Thank you so much, Elective Africa, for this once-in-a-lifetime journey! Asante sana!

Morgan Amigo
Miami University (Ohio)

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