Elective Africa

Overview of the Kenya

  • Population: approx. 43 million
  • Doctors to population: 9:100,000
  • Dentists to population: 2:100,000
  • Nurses to population: 83:100,000
  • Language: English and Kiswahili
  • Currency: Kenya Shillings
  • Attractions: Annual wild beasts migration at Maasai Mara National Reserve

Kenya was Elective Africa’s flagship destination and our headquarters in Africa are in Nairobi so we are on the ground to ensure you get the best placement experience possible. Kenya boasts the largest economy in East Africa and is one of the top ten wealthiest states in the continent. It is home to the world’s most spectacular wildlife phenomenon, the Great Wildebeest Migration. From June to October, millions of wildebeest, zebra and other herbivores cross the crocodile-infested Grumeti River in search of pasture. The country is also a popular touring destination given its exotic reef-lined beaches on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The country has numerous wildlife reserves.  The country’s popularity has recently gotten a further boost with US President Obama’s Kenyan roots. 

Kenya has a tropical climate. It is hot and humid at the coast, temperate inland and dry in the northern parts of the country. 

Overview of the health system

The Government is the main provider of health services. The private sector, both for profit and non-government, also serves a significant proportion of the population. Often you will encounter shortage of medical equipments and medication; generally resources are extremely limited. The private hospitals have a higher standard of care. Placements tend to be in private mission hospitals or government run hospitals.

The healthcare system is a 6-tier health system. Level 1 is the community units; level 2 is the dispensaries, or basic health facilities; level 3 is the health centres; level 4 is the district level; level 5 is the provincial level, and level 6 is the national level.