Elective Africa

Why use Elective Africa to organize your placement abroad?

Having your elective abroad especially in a developing country can be a very rewrading experience, both in terms of clinical exposure and the adventure and cultural immersion that comes with it. However conquering the bureaucratic maze in a different healthcare system in unfamiliar territory on a daily basis can be quite daunting if undertaking it alone. It can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Elective Africa takes on the task of organizing everything required to plan your short term placement in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and achieve a successful elective abroad.

Our participants have found us invaluable for several reasons:

  • We have 14 years of experience in healthcare placements abroad in different locations. We have grown our relationships with our partners in order to get you value at your placement facility. 
  • Safety and security is paramount for anyone traveling abroad. We choose program residences located in safe neighborhoods with staff on hand including a program manager and housekeeping support services.  
  • We have sustainable placements (and missions abroad) located within hospitals, hence provide structured and supervised placement which leads to more meaningful learning and benefit loal healthcare institutions. Healthcare professionals in Public hospitals are stretched tending to their patients and welcome the presence of and help from foreign students.
  • Having cultivated strong relationships with hospitals as we are based in your locations of placement, we know which hospital would best suit each student in terms of specialties and learning objectives. Depending on your interests and working with the healthcare staff, we can tailor your elective and match you with the right hospital where you can get the exposure you desire.
  • Our accommodation set up provides you with the ability to spend time with like-minded individuals with similar pursuits: an interaction that enriches your experience. You will get to meet students from other parts of the world on the same programand local healthcare students at the healthcare facility. We also cater for special accommodation needs on request. 
  • We are unique service, we provide group round trip transport to the placement facility. We care about the locations to know that you cannot entirely rely upon public transport for your daily rotations. 
  • Our Program Coordinators are very well informed of your placement location. During your free time and weekends, they have designed many activities around your formal program to facilitate as much cultural exchange and appreciation of your host community as you want. All our placements are accompanied with one volunteer activity.

For first hand information about the experience of our healthcare elective placements and volunteer projects from our past participants check out the Testimonials and Blogs under the Resources tab on http://electiveafrica.com/testimonials, or kindly visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/electiveafrica.