Elective Africa

Elective Groups

Elective Africa encourages students to organize their trips as a group. There are several advantages of taking the trip as a group ranging from sharing an experience, working with other students that share the same interests, fund raising as a group and working together in the fashion of a study group or a travel group. Elective Africa groups enable you to form your group online, find other students with similar interests and create an online profile that you can use to appeal for funds.  The group leader can communicate to Elective Africa on behalf of the whole group, making for easy and efficient communication and arrangements.  A group member may drop off and apply independently at any time if the group does not meet their needs.

Once a group has at least six members, Elective Africa can customize the experience to fit the needs of the group.  This is unlike single participants who have to fit into the arrangements made for the participants who attend the program at the same time.  In order to form a group, it is required that the group lead applies for placement and gets accepted into the program before they can invite others. Online profiles are published so that other students can discover them and join the group. It is the responsibility and discretion of the group lead to decide who joins their group. To create or join a group, use the links below.