Elective Africa

About Elective Africa

Elective Africa is a leading organizer of education and expedition travel programs.

For over 14 years, Elective Africa has placed hundreds of healthcare and prehealth students in safe, structured and supervised medical internships geared towards benefiting students and communities in Africa. We have recently launched our Business School Treks for students in MBA programs in US and Europe looking to undertake a career trek or an adventure trek.

We work with institutions in our program destinations to provide program participants with a unique opportunity for experential learning and global exposure for college credit that meet four key needs:

  • Offer a rare, insightful hands-on experience;
  • Helping under-served communities;
  • Facilitate cultural exchange and appreciation of host country and community;
  • Provide some time and space for reflection, inspiration and fun!

Our program covers a wide range of areas such as:

  • Healthcare internships, medical electives and prehealth shadowing programs
  • Business school treks which includes career treks and adventure treks
  • Volunteering, community development, gap trips, learning trips and expeditions
  • Safaris and mountain treks

Learning trips cover subject areas such as medicine, music and arts, business, education and teaching, languages among others.

All our programs ensure an immense amount of hands on experience, meaningful project work, cultural immersion and fun.

What Makes Us Unique?

At the highest level of the organization, we are located in your placement destination abroad hence able to give you a very secure learning experience.

A significant part of our support and administration staff is located in your destination country, we are able to offer competitive rates with value relative to some similarly structured programs. 

We provide accommodation and daily program transport and we are highly responsive to your needs while on our program.

Our programs are REAL: Rewarding, Enrinching, Adventuresome and a Learning experience! 

We have established relationships not just with the healthcare institutions we place you in, but also with professionals that we will assign you to.

Our mentors in the healthcare placements programs are evaluated based on feedback from past participants and we reward each one of them for the support they give to our clients.