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Volume 5, Issue 6  6 2018
Cause a Little Bit of Summer is What the Year is All About

In the last few days, we've had a tremendous time with both prehealth and healthcare students on hospital internships in Kenya and Tanzania. Whoever said everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August didn't lie ;-) Africa is a large and beautifully diverse place. The people, the culture, landscape, wildlife, beautiful sceneries just to mention a few, are some of the reasons why most students prefer an overseas internship to Africa.

With programs all year round, you have no excuse to miss out on these great experiences.

Join us for a meaningful placement in East Africa's most popular destinations.

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A Placement You Can Feel Good About

As a pre-medical intern, your days abroad will be packed with activities both off and in the hospital setting. Off Hospital you will be involved in activities like volunteering at the local children's home, going for excursions, enjoying some time with the locals just to mention a few.

Ebel, a student from Princeton University currently undertaking 8 - Weeks program at Levolosi Health Centre in Arusha, Tanzania, shares her weekly experience on her blog. 

Read more on Ebel’s Premedical Internship Abroad Here


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Why this is the Best Program you'll ever Join - What Eric had to Say

"This program provided by Elective Africa is the best program I've ever joined. The people are the important factor making it such a fantastic experience. They take care of our needs as much as possible even if it is outside of their duty. They treat us sincerely, help us kindly and tried very hard to make our experience as perfect as possible. We could see their efforts. If you are looking for an organization you can trust, an organization which can take care of all your needs so that you have a fabulous experience, this is it. Apart from the organization, the people here are also very nice to us. The staff in the hospital and the local people made me feel very welcomed here.

And of course, we gained a lot of knowledge and experience than we would be able to have in our own country. As long as you take the initiative, you can learn and try a lot."

Shing Wa Yeung, a Third Year Medical Student from The University of Hong Kong, recently completed his Medical Elective at Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. 

If you are thinking about undertaking a Medical Elective Overseas, be sure and

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Quote for the Month

Mtaka cha Mvunguni Sharti Ainame. ~ Tanzanian Proverb

The one who wants what is under the bed must stoop for it.

Good things are not easily obtained, one must strive to get them.


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