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Volume 8, Issue 10  10 2022
Individualized Healthcare Internships Abroad

Elective Africa is a unique organizer of prehealth internships, projects, and volunteer trips to Africa.

We have no equal when it comes to the quality of our placements. As you evaluate which trip to apply for, we offer to put you in touch with as many of our past electives participants as you wish. Their feedback will be consistent - Elective Africa programs exceeded their expectations. Programs: premed, prenursing, midwifery, and pre-PA. 

Time to Explore!

This summer we are proud to report that despite the ongoing restrictions of the pandemic, we, Elective Africa, were able to host students who had a chance to see how the developing countries' healthcare systems responded to Covid-19. Here are a few pictures
Elective Africa has years of experience organizing medical placements in Africa. We have tailored our programs to influence students' personal growth while providing value to the campus community upon return.  Our programs aim to help participants gain academic, social, and personal impact through:
  1. Clinical exposure
  2. Volunteering
  3. Cross-cultural awareness
  4. Interpersonal relations and
  5. Global competence


Apply For 2022 Cycle 

Inquire for our medical internships in 2022 here. Reservations are ongoing!



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