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Volume 7, Issue 5  5 2020
Elective Africa Online Internships

Good news! We've found a way to continue learning, experiencing new things and giving back without leaving our living rooms! 

Elective Africa Virtual Internships are a simulation of our actual programs via webinars, webcasts and info-graphics.

Participants engage with mentors and placement experts through live videos, virtual global health tutorials and Q&A sessions as they take you through the healthcare landscape in East Africa. 

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What Is Included

The remote-only program specificity includes:

  1. Online Global Health Tutorials.
  2. Video-driven Stories.
  3. Online Volunteer Opportunities.
  4. Swahili Lessons.
  5. Assignments.
  6. Supervisor Evaluation. 
  7. Participants Evaluation.
  8. Certificate of Completion.

At the end of the program, participants are expected to have:

  • Gained medical knowledge
  • Explored potential career options 
  • Expand professional networks
  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills
  • Enhanced soft skills, remote working & time managements skills


The program runs from 3 Weeks. Our virtual internship program is remotely accessible and flexible from its customization nature to suit your time preferences.

We look forward to welcoming our interns to Elective Africa. 

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You can also reserve a spot in our on-ground internship programs for only $350 (2021 & Winter 2020).

At Elective Africa we help you plan  your program up to a year in advance.Here are some of reasons  you should plan your 2021 elective now. Reach out to our placement experts today via

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