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Volume 6, Issue 8  8 2019
Elective Africa Pre Health Programs

Welcome to our August e-Newsletter Edition!

This month we want to take you through our world of pre-health internships best suited for students undertaking their undergraduate studies or those who have just finished their pre-medical training.

The pre health programs offer participants the chance to be immersed in a medical environment, shadowing medical professionals, and even conducting your own research under the guidance of mentors. 

During the pre health shadowing internship participants on ground work for a minimum of 25 hours a week and also learn about delivery of preventive health education in their destination country.

The pre health programs that we offer are in variety. We have: Pre Medical Internships, Pre Physician Internships, Pre Dentistry, Pre Nursing and Pre-Midwifery Internship. Five robust Pre Healthcare programs for any pre health applicant to consider.  

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Pre Health Programs

Pre Health Programs Highlights

The general highlights of Elective Africa's Pre Health Internships encompasses the following aspects:
Gain extensive shadowing experience on various clinical operations such as history taking, diagnosis of diseases, ordering of treatment and the determination of patients treatment plan.
Learn to be innovative and resourceful through observation of diagnosing and treating conditions without the benefits of advanced laboratory services or medical equipment
Participate in Shared learning through interaction with other students on a healthcare program from various universities in the world.
Experience Professional mentorship from healthcare professionals at the hospital who act as your go-to person while on placement, explain in detail the various observations you make.
Participation in Consultant ward rounds which help you understand the formulation of treatment plans and review of patients progress.
Participate in Interactive Health Tutorials which are sessions of discussion with the healthcare professionals which help in understanding the global perspectives in healthcare delivery.

Want to experience a different healthcare system working in a differentiated hospital setting, uniquely tailored for a pre-health applicant?? Reserve your slot throught the email below.

To reserve your slot, visit our Website or contact our placement advisors at 
+1 (609) 375 8912  or email: 

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Quote for the Month

At the time of harvest, you will know how good the millet is. ~ Kenyan Proverb

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