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Volume 5, Issue 8  8 2018
This is How Our Summer 2018 Turned Out

Words would not be adequate as an explanation of how great this summer was. But it really was! We had a whale of a time and that makes us wish it never ends. Be it the getting to witness procedures for the first time, working with kind and knowledgeable doctors, spending time volunteering at the children's home or participating in a health hygiene or even getting to undertake the safaris, the list is endless. It was all worth it! and we are grateful that even though summer is ending, it is ending with good memories :-)


September is here and it would be unfair if we didn't share our summer experience with you. Maybe it will be just the inspiration you need to undertake a hospital internship abroad.

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I am a Better Person

During my time in Mombasa, I have learned so much about medicine and have ultimately become a better person because of this experience. The Elective Africa staff, specifically Benson and Richard, who I worked with most were always available to talk and were very helpful before and during my stay here in Mombasa. This program is very organized and I never felt confused or worried while I was here. My time in the hospital was great because all the doctors were helpful and want to teach you as much as they can. During our free time, we were taken to local tourist attractions as well as an orphanage and school. One weekend I also went on a safari to the Masai Mara which was breathtaking. The accommodation and staff were just as nice and helpful as they are when I was staying in Mombasa. Overall, this program has changed my life for the better. If you are looking for a program in which you can learn and get the first-hand experience in a hospital, experience the wonderful culture of Kenya and meet many fantastic people. Elective  Africa is the program for you.

Ryan McCully is from Loyola Marymount University

Program Undertaken: Premedical Internship

Program Duration: 3 Weeks

Program Location: Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya

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Why Should You Travel Abroad?

Hospital Internships Abroad are known for the great effect on students and experiences one gets to gain. Moments like watching the beautiful sunset on the beach, welcoming a child to the world, exploring a new culture and making new friends, makes it not only one of the greatest fortunes in one's study but also an opportunity to launch one's career. Here are more reasons why you should travel abroad;


"This was a truly memorable experience that enriched my view of a culture that exists on the other side of the world while also offering me a place to expand my skillset in my profession. During my time at the hospital, I was constantly exposed to cases and conditions that I would never get a chance to see at home and the doctors that  I worked with were incredibly valuable resources to learn from"

~ Benjamin Kushner, The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Columbus

"Really, the best way to travel for me is to volunteer. Through this experience, I had authentic interactions with the locals. Everyone was kind, open and easy to talk to" 

~ Kyle Howell, A Registered Nurse, Alumni of University of Colorado

"My experience in Mt. Meru Hospital, Tanzania for 2 weeks was very short but a substantial one. Many of the cases I encountered at the hospital were ones that I would never see in my country and they were shocking and heartbreaking. The doctors were working very hard to help these patients and it was very stimulating to see them"

~ Shio Yamano, Tsukuba University

"This program has allowed me to meet some amazing new people from all different walks of life, whether it was my roommates, the doctors in the hospital, my program advisors or even the people I met on the Safari"

~ Brooke Rhinesmith, Syracuse University

"I was also able to see cases that I would never witness anywhere other than here this early in my medical career. All of the doctors, nurses, and students were open and happy to answer any questions that I had and actually wanted to help me learn "

~ Marissa Turner, Colorado State University

"The days I spent here only reaffirmed my desire to do something in the medical field. I feel so lucky to have had these experiences and to have met so many people who have changed my outlook on life forever. Whether it was doctors in the hospital, people on the safari, or my roommates with me in the program" 

~ Abby Suntken, Colorado State University

"I spent my month at Coast Provincial General Hospital in the maternity ward where I was carefully paired up with doctors who took great pride in their work and loved to teach. I felt more included in patient care at CPGH than on many of my medical school rotations back in the United States"

~ Kate Brendel, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

"I got to help with various activities at the hospital and learn from the medical professionals through guided activities during my 2 weeks stay. I also saw plenty of diseases I had never seen before" 

~ Taylor Villani, Liberty University

"It was amazing to see how well doctors utilize the limited resources they have giving the best care they can for their patients. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience"

~ Allie Hedden, Mississippi College

"The city was amazing from the beaches to the mall; the people were so friendly and kind. I definitely want to come back again sometime soon and go back to Coast Provincial General Hospital"

~ Raviteja Vunnam, Purdue University 

"At the hospital, I was able to witness live births, learn about the childhood diseases and help draw blood. It was an incredible and knowledgeable experience"

~Emily Feagans, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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Looking to Undertake a Hospital Internship Abroad?

Quote for the Month

Traveling is learning. 

~ Kenyan Proverb 

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